Facts about eating crabs

If you are hosting a group of family or friends for dinner, then you have probably thought about crabs for dinner. This is a good idea because you can never go wrong with seafood. However, you need to learn some important basics about buying, storing and preparing crab. The first thing about crabs is getting then from a good source. If you get crabs from a genuine crab supplier, then you will be assured of getting the best quality. Buying from a grocery store is not always a good idea because they have no experience in sourcing crabs.

Buying crab

Sourcing crabs can be a challenging procedure especially if yBuying crabou are doing it for the first time. There are usually two ways of going about it when buying crab. You can decide to buy frozen crab; you can be daring enough to request for live crab delivery. Live crabs are the best options because freshness is guaranteed. With frozen crab, you can never be too sure that crab was frozen while fresh. If you buy fresh crab, you will be able to enjoy more as opposed to buying frozen ones.

How do you store crabs?

There are instances when you buy live crab, but you can’t cook them immediately. At this time you need to keep the crab alive as long as possible. If you leave the crab to die, then you might not be able to cook them fresh. To store crabs, you can keep them in a cooler with ice at the bottom. However, the trick is never to allow the crab to catch the ice because once the ice melts the crab might start dying. If you store them in the right way by the time you are ready to cook them they will be as fresh as you want.

Prepcooking crabaration of crabs

Unlike popular belief, it is easy to cook crabs at home as long as you know how to go about it. The first step is to clean the crab including the shell. After you are done with this, you can remove the outer shell and intestines of the crab. Leave the meat and the legs inside. You can cook them in tomato sauce or steam them with butter depending on your preference.