Ladies Pants

Wearing colored trousers is usually quite a risk considering the limited ideas and matching outfits that can go with them. Red pants are usually avoided by many who are afraid to be caught out of fashion, unlike the traditional black, blue or white outfits that go pretty much with anything. Are there ways that one can make red the new black? If you are wondering what to wear with red pants, do not be afraid of as here are some ideas can help you make a fashion statement with the red pants.

Ideas to match red ladies trousers

Skinny Jeans top

When combined with striped tees skinny jeans top, it can be quite appealing, and one canthrow a black jacket on top depending on the weather. Alternatively, you can go for muscle tees to get that carefree street outlook.dfgdgdfgdfgfdg

Going for a cropped top

A white cropped top is a good idea when worn with a low-waist red pant and a matching blazer, or a black blazer may give that casual street look. A flat stomach is needed for one to pull that amazing appearance but not all of us have that amazing athletic looks of celebrities. But who says you cannot still go with this though alternatively a tank top will do. A necklace will also do you some favor by drawing more attention.

Office Look

Red for office? Most opt for dark colors, but red flared burgundy pants, a contrasting black top, and a black blazer will look amazing in the office. Another office wear includes a complete red suit with a black blouse and heels to grab attention at your work. Adding a belt on the top works to add style and accentuate the shape.

Going for Prints

Printed outfits have made their way back, and they look amazing. Red pants with tartan print coupled with a cropped white or black top look fabulous. The print can alternatively go on top with a floral print blazer or a printed jacket and a white top. Simple but fabulous simplicity sometimes turns heads if one gets it right. A cropped pant, heels with a white blouse and maybe a white blazer can be simple but can still look fantastic.


During winter the blazer can be replaced by a long beautiful coat perhaps one that reaches the knees. Of course, the ideas above are not exhaustive, and it can be more exciting to experiment and rock with your new outlook. Get red today and get stylish.dfgdgdgdfgdg