Main Features Of A Blender

Blenders are great and essential items in any kitchen, especially a modern kitchen. If your kitchen lacks a blender, then it is not complete. Blenders are used to make smoothies but equally they serve other purposes. The best blender will give you the best results. If you are looking forth to buying a blender, you may consider a few features to ensure you get the best quality in the market.

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Before purchasing a blender, you need to know what type of blender you want. Blenders are juicetwo kinds, the immersion blenders, and the countertop blenders. Consider the one that suits your needs. The immersion blenders are perfect for small quantities while the countertop blenders are excellent for larger quantities.

However, the countertop blenders are powerful than the immersion blenders.
For you to blend delicious beverages you need a blender that is effective, the market is flooded with different makes and models of blenders, consider the following features.

Reversing Blade Technology

The reversing blades technology helps alternate the blades forth and backward, drawing the ingredients down for repeatedly smooth blending. The reversing blade has a stainless steel that helps crush ice and a powerful motor.

All metal drive, a blender with a drive that is all metal has a longer durability than that made of plastic. The all metal drive feature will function meticulously and is stronger than a plastic one. You don’t want to keep purchasing a blender every year. The two can never compare.

Easy to read backlit display

This feature will help you set and choose an option that will fit your need. A backlit with a bigger display clearly indicates the high and low pulse and the number of speeds will beautifully allow you to control with the touch of the buttons. The pre-programmed settings also include function and time, and that the beauty of an easy to read backlit.


The number of blades is equally significant; a 6 point design blade is faster and powerful to chop and pulverize with precision and breakdown the hardest ingredients, vegetables or food than a 4 point blade.

Additional features

  • juice 2Removable parts
  • Speed and pulse technology
  • Power- Watts
  • Chopper bowl capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pitcher capacity

If you put the outlined facts into consideration when buying a blender, you will end up with the most suitable blender that serves your needs. Durability, performance, and versatility will be the results of your blender.