Best Circular Saw

Circular Saws are manufactured for swift and precise cutting of sheet materials and timber with a flat surface. The circular blade in the saw does the actual work of cutting. It is designed to keep the person who is operating the machine safely and makes the tool easy to handle and use. For best results, the proper way of using circular saw is very necessary. Click here for the Popular Power Tools Circular Saw Guide. Even if you are already working with the saw, still you need to know certain good things about it which will not only guarantees precision results but also keeps the operator safe from any hazards.

Types of circular saw

kjkjkjkjwqMiter saw: This one is mainly used to make small cuts at different angles. With this say, circular blades come down on a wooden piece placed at an angle. You can use miter saw if you want to do molding around your house, to make picture frames and for all other cuts which require special attention.

Radial saw

This one has sliding arm placed horizontally which allows users to move through woodcuts. Usually, the radial saw is used for making long cuts accurate. As you keep wood on the table and press the handle of the saw, it will cut along the board along the same line.

Table saw

These also have circular blades and offer more accuracy than other saws. The table saw has a table which stabilizes them for making accurate cuts. Contractors use them for performing large jobs. Some of the table saws are a bench-top table saw, cabinet and contractors saw.



Safety should be your first thought so make sure you buy a circular saw with an automatic brake. This stops the blade instantly when your finger is released from the trigger.

Tilting mechanism

Circular saws have a tilting mechanism that makes cuts at angles between 90 and 45 degrees. You want to make sure this mechanism moves smoothly. This is important when making angled cuts.


Make sure it is stable when holding it with the hand. This is where brands differ – some, because of handles and weight distribution, are just more comfortable than others.

Exhaust port and dust

Make sure the saw has a good exhaust port and dust bag. Also, be sure the saw can be connected to a wet/dry vacuum. This is especially important if you will be using your saw mostly indoors.

Blade guard

jkmmppydwqCheck out the blade guard and be sure it moves smoothly. A blade guard that is a little sticky can be hard to use and unsafe.

When you buy your saw, get a good carbide-tipped blade at the same time. Most saws come with cheap blades. A carbide-tipped blade will last many times longer and perform better. These are readily available at most hardware stores and home centers.