Reasons Why Timing Screws Are Vital in Manufacturing Process

A timing screw refers to a set of screws used in many production processes in factories to make sure everything falls in line even though it sometimes involves a very complicated step. The majority of the people have not been familiar with the topic being discussed in this article unless they are those with some experience in products manufacturing. The shape resembles a cylindrical tube with several spiral engravings on the outer surface and serves mainly as a finishing touch before the manufactured products hit the packaging machine.

a worker loading packaged goods in the factory

Before the invention of this gear, it was prevalent that several workers handled the packaging job. However, mistakes were made, and the customers were not very happy about it. Thus, the introduction of this timing gear was considered a big hit in the industry and many factories decided to purchase the tools to help them produce more products. Besides, below are several reasons why the screws are important in the industry.

Split-Second Accuracy

In the packaging line, it is important to make sure all the goods hit the right boxes. The problem is that sometimes the people handling the job are not very careful in organizing them properly. It is true that those bosses nowadays trust the machine more than they trust their workers, and the result of such a phenomenon is quite visible.

This gear might be one of the reasons for those workers’ contract termination. But in the industry where profit is one sacred thing to worship, it provides a split-second accuracy that none of those workers are able to offer. From this perspective, the contract termination seems entirely understandable.

Reduce the Production Cost

several rolls of cloth for productionPurchasing these timing screws can be a brilliant step taken as an initial investment for the rest of the production. Of course, it might cost a little bit higher than paying those workers monthly. However, investing the company’s budget on things that can increase the production and decrease the production mistakes can surely help them get the profit they are after.

There are also times when the demands reach the highest peak points. When this happens, having the device installed in the factory is indeed beneficial. The explanation is pretty simple. When the demands are high, more workers are hired. This means more money flowing to their wages. However, with the screw installed, they need only to spend money on the maintenance cost without having to worry about the workers’ monthly salary.