Weber grill – buying guide

If you love cooking outside and entertaining family, friends or guests by grilling some steak, sausages or sandwiches, then you need a good grill. One of this is the Weber grill that is a vital investment for any person. This is a trusted brand, which is essential for anyone who is looking for a product that has quality and is durable. The product can cook evenly, will last a long time, work well and has Weber Spirit replacement parts that are easily available. If you are looking to own such a grill below is a guide to help you.

Weber grill

SizeWeber grill

One needs to consider the size of the grill that they want to purchase. A factor to consider is how many people one will need to prepare food for. For, instance, if you will be cooking for a small family then buying a small Weber grill will be fine, however, if one will be grilling for a large family or using the grill often to host a party or entertain friends then one needs to purchase a large grill. It is important to compare the grill grates sizes and see how much food can be cooked at a go.

The heat rating

It is essential to note that different product will have different maximum heat outputs. The heat output is what one will need to grill their food and is measured in BTUs (The British thermal unit). However, this should not be the only factor that one considers, for instance, a lower BTU rating for a compact grill can produce higher temperatures than a high BTU rating for a large grill. Therefore, it is important to consider other factors aside for the heat rating.

Gas used

One needs to note that the grill will either use natural gas or propane. The kind of grill that one chooses to buy will depend on personal preference for both will have their benefits and challenges. The natural gas grills are connected directly to the gas that runs in the home and tends to be less expensive for one will not need to buy additional fuel to use. The grill once put in place cannot be moved easily especially if its a large one.

The propane grills are portable and mobile. One is required to purchase fuel to be able to operate the grill. Propane grills are considered hotter than natural gas.

Other features

The Weber grills will have a range of feature options that will depend on the user and their need.


Consider space for tools to avoid back and forth visits to pick tools to help to grill. Another space that one needs to consider is the workspace for preparing and chopping meat and vegetables.

Burner control knobs

This will vary from two knobs to six knobs. The knobs will help in changing the heating of the grill some sections may grill at high heat while others at low. A grill that will have more burner control knobs will be able to cook a variety of items.

Measurement gauges and lightsWeber

There are grills that will have devices that will help the cook keep track of their cooking. This will include fuel gauges to check on the fuel consumption and if one needs to add more. Thermometers for temperature and even led lights.


With the above guide, one will be able to search for a Weber grill that will best suit them.